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第24回ミュージカル研究会卒業公演「Singin’ in the Rain」





♪ Fit As A Fiddle?♪

♪ All I Do Is Dream Of You ♪

♪ Make'Em Laugh ♪

♪ Beautiful Girl ♪

♪ You Are My Lucky Star ♪

♪ You Stepped Out Of A Dream ♪

♪ Mosses Supposes ♪

♪ Good Morning ♪

♪ Singin' In The Rain ♪

♪ Lina's/Kathy's Would You ♪

♪ What's Wrong With Me? ♪

♪ Broadway Melody/Rhythm ♪

♪ Singin' In The Rain (reprise) ♪

♪ You Are My Lucky Star (reprise) ♪

♪ Finale ♪




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